Beginning now, though the end of the year, selected groups within The Church of The Apostles will be able to adopt a local outreach ministry for a period of one year. The commitment by the adopting group to their chosen ministry will begin January 2017.

We are excited about this new approach because we believe a greater number of people, especially over the course of several years, will become acquainted with, and possibly even personally involved with, the various Atlanta area ministries that we support.

Here’s how it will work: A group within Apostles will adopt a local community ministry for a period of one year. During that year, the group adopting will be charged with the following…

  1. Get to know your adopted ministry. This should involve people from the ministry coming and sharing with the church group details about the ministry, and members of the church group visiting the ministry.
  2. Plan and organize different ways in which people can get involved to help/support your adopted ministry throughout the course of your year-long commitment.

This site simply provides information about the ministries that are up for adoption. We are praying that this new way of connecting your group with a local outreach ministry will produce great results to the glory of God.